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  Are your virtual tours viewable on mobile devices?

Virtualsinc virtual tours are viewable on any device including but not limited to iPhones, iPad’s, Android phones as well as Android Tablets. Virtualsinc virtual tours are built with an HTML 5 backbone making them compatible with all mobile devices.


  Do your virtual tours use Adobe Flash?

Although majority of our clients choose to use both Flash & HTML 5 virtual tours to maximize compatibility, we do offer complete HTML 5 tours that DO NOT utilize Adobe Flash.


  What is a “customized virtual tour”?

A “customized virtual tour” is a virtual tour that is created specifically for your organization. Unlike the boxed products of our competitors each virtual tour that we create is customized to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s including video or audio, brand integration, custom buttons or links, we work WITH YOU to create a virtual tour that aligns with your organizations’ unique needs.


  How long does a virtual tour project take from start to finish?

The length of a virtual tour project largely depends on the size and scope of the project. However, most virtual tour projects are completed within 4-6 weeks of completed photography. (subject to change)


  Who owns the virtual tour images when the project is complete?

YOU, the customer owns the images once the virtual tour is complete. Unlike our competitors, Virtualsinc does not charge recurring licensing fees.


  How do we display the virtual tour on our website?

There are a multitude of ways to display Virtualsinc virtual tours on your website, the 3 most common are: 1) Embedded: Whether you want your tour displayed on your homepage or a back page, Virtualsinc virtual tours are easily embedded into your website using simple code. 2) Linked: Our virtual tours can be easily linked through a standard link or custom button. When clicked on, the virtual tour will open in a new window allowing your users to view the tour without ever leaving your website. 3) Stand-alone: Our virtual tours can be displayed on dedicated virtual tour pages within your website.


  How do users navigate the virtual tour?

There are many ways to navigate a Virtualsinc virtual tour and it mostly depends on what options you choose to incorporate into your custom design. Some of the most common ways to navigate our virtual tours are through thumbnails, interactive floor plans and maps, hotspots, and/or next/previous arrows


  Do your virtual tours include interactive maps and or floor plans?

Both the Professional & Premium virtual tour packages include the option to incorporate interactive maps and/or floor plans. This specific feature requires a basic floor plan or map be provided by the client.