Virtuals Inc. works extremely close with our clients to analyze and offer the necessary bouquet of technologies enabling their brands to be represented in the most effective fashion. The ability to recognize exactly the best course of action to most effectively and efficiently satisfy our clients needs and concerns is our top priority. These service include: analysis of goals, offering a complete course of action and then implementing the necessary tools at the best price. Virtuals Inc. offers a complete package from inception to execution. Developing custom software, virtual tours, digital libraries, welcome home center integration, print and web friendly photography and a plethora of many other services gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we are true partners throughout the entire process.

Extra Functionality in Virtual Tours

Map Integration

We can add a Detailed Map of your establishment to your Virtual Tours, this requires that you provide us with a map or we can go ahead and design it for you.

Google Earth Integration

Let your customers know exactly where your business locations are anywhere in the world. By adding the Google Earth plug-in your clients can span zoom out and be able to see all the surrounding streets and buildings just like a virtual walk through around the world.

Video Integration

Embed video inside your Virtual Tours. These videos are accessed by clicking on the video icon within the virtual tours.

Voice Integration

We can add voice integration to any tour to completely customize the experience for potential clients. We can do this equally for our You Tube and Vimeo versions as well.

Custom Integration

Our team is always ready to provide your virtual tours with cutting edge technologies to integrate custom designed upgrades which are  specifically tailored for your business needs.

HTML5 iPhone Tours
Virtuals Inc. was the first company to commercialize HTML 5 virtual tours for Apple’s iPhone® and iPad®.

Virtuals Inc. produces both Flash and HTML5 tours.